Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Take-Out Food Ban Lifted

Without any of the grandeur and shit-slinging I expected (and shamefully kind of hoped for), the strike is already over. Picket signs, go back to your usual sheds. Workers pick up your usual tools. There's a tentative contract on the table; the opposing team has decided to pack it up and go home. That was so uneventul that I'm a little sad. No pictures of hubby holding a picket sign.

On the upside, we will be having take-out for dinner. JUST SAY NO TO GRILLED CHEESE! Unless, of course, the members don't vote to accept the deal. Then we're back at square one. But in the meantime, it's restaurant food tonight, baby!

Thanks to all for enjoying this brief adventure with me. Again, as a white-collar, I'm still scratching my head. It's like being involved in a car accident. What the hell just happened?


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Pat Y. Tummy,

Glad to hear the strike was over faster than Thanksgiving dinner with your least favorite relatives, or a quick labor and delivery--whichever hurts less. I had a friend who had been a Steelworkers organizer who always said that the threat of a strike was one thing, but that you needed to avoid taking your workers out on strike at all costs, because it was the workers and their families who usually lost the most. Fortunately, that wasn't the case here.

I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about my book, "Guide To Getting It On!" If it's any solace to the you with her first literary rejection notice freshly in hand, my book was rejected by every publisher in the country, not once, but twice. Well--there was one publisher who wanted it, but they published "The Anarchists Cookbook" or some such, and even though this was way before we knew about terrorists, I refused to be in the same catalogue as a book that explained how to make bombs.

Anyway, I do hope you have the 5th edition, because it's the first edition I've ever been OK with. I guess sex takes longer to write about than I originally thought... If you don't have the 5th edition, for heaven's sake, let me know.

In our family, my wife's favorite "appliance" is her chainsaw (we're a bit rural). I'm sure she never pretends its me when she's making small time of a fallen tree... On the other hand, I handle the night shift with our little one, who is no stranger to night terrors and sleep problems.

My best to you, your husband and your blog. I thought it would be a quick visit, but I ended up staying and reading much of it, to my enjoyment.

Paul Joannides

Tessie said...

Did you just get a comment from the author of that book? AWESOME! You are practically famouse!

bananafana said...

yeah I was going to say something about how grilled cheese is great but now I'm just . . . I don't know.

mom of the year said...

Holy shit! This is the best day ever. I've got to give a whitey's shout out to Paul for stopping by and leaving such a great comment and for those of you who've commented to even called to tell me to "check the damn comments, for chrissake!"

mom of the year said...

Paul: If you happen to stop by here again, I've added your press to my links and, incidentally, GREAT WEBSITE! I don't have the 5th edition, but now am moved by the spirit to go make the purchase.

Readers: Check out Paul's site! If you're too lazy to hit my page again, here's the addy:


Anonymous said...

Dude, screw my lame-o comment anyways!

You're like totally famous now!

mom of the year said...

Ladies: Uh, no comment is ever "lame-o" or not worth putting down! I love/can't survive without when you guys chime in, and I wish so many others would!!!