Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Ok, so my understanding is that when a guy isn't working, the male psyche takes a pretty big beating. In order to combat potential strike "ego deflation," I'm compiling a list of available semi-manly projects that my dear-God-don't-make-me-use-a-chainsaw husband wouldn't mind doing. These things must be easy to complete, require little planning, and not be too girly or too woodsman-like either. So help me out here. I have a few things I think I'll toss in the mix, but I'm open to ideas:

spackle holes from prior maze of baby safety gates
rub mom of the year's feet
hang decorative iron work that's been residing on the floor for over one year
give mom of the year a massage
power wash minuscule deck (is that too much toolage???)
make mom of the year dinner
seal minuscule deck with wood sealer (again, too much labor???)
detail mom the of the year's car
pick up dog poop in backyard
feed mom of the year strawberries and champagne
add new mulch to small flower beds

Hmmmmm. I know there's something else. It's on the tip of my tongue. Ahhhhh, yes:

Read "THE GUIDE TO GETTING IT ON" so the wife can be forever blissful. I think this would vastly improve the quality of my environment in addition to the above tasks. What's better than no dog poop in the back yard and a little sumpin'-sumpin'??? Well, there's the REAL question for the comments:

FILL IN THE BLANK: __________ is better than sex. Be honest. Your guy won't ever know you told. Be catty. Be anonymous if you like. Just be here in the comments, dammit!!! Let's lighten it up here!!!


Tessie said...

SLEEP. Duh. Good thing I am the first commenter so I could take the #1 answer. Let's play THE FEUD!

bananafana said...

man I was going to say sleep and you beat me to it.
but really - a list? curious to see how much actually gets done. I'm betting lots of nights out with his buddies and no powerwashing. want to put $5 on it? In our house there would just be lots of video gaming going on. No manly chores

Anonymous said...


Ok, if I can't choose "sleep" because SOMEONE ELSE TOOK IT, then I have to say "reading a good book."

Oh my. That's the saddest thing I ever typed.

mom of the year said...

Wow, girls! Can't believe that SLEEP didn't even occur to me. How the hell did I miss that one???

Kristen said...

pure, absolutly blissful quiet time is better then sex.