Friday, October 19, 2007


Ok, kids. It's one of those days (the second of two in a row, I might add). Here is the list of things that are irritating the ever-loving SHIT out of me:

1) Little Diva whining/drama
2) The Battle of Naptime
3) Having to take LD on the run/walk today (don't GET me started)
4) My office is a wreck
5) Didn't get to my "Good" writing yesterday; today looks bleak as well
6) Deck is still not weatherproofed
7) I need a haircut and highlights (in some weird color, perhaps)
8) Husband is being a MAJOR ASSHAT
9) I need to go grocery shopping
10) Starbucks is so close but so far away
11) The night shift
12) UAW contract rejected
13) Hubby thinks I'm nuts
14) Sex? What's that?
15) Compensation for #14 needs to be replaced soon

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can you relate? TO make it even, I'll post happy things later, possibly after I FIND MY FUCKING SENSE OF HUMOR!


Tessie said...

Wait, go back to UAW contract rejected! What happened there? Are we back on StrikeWatch?

I'm suffering from like half of these too.

Tessie said...

Especially the lack of "CHOWDAH"

mom of the year said...

Tessie: Yeah, I'm not sure what goes on now. I guess the contract was rejected at his plant; we lie in wait to see what happens nationally. And the, who knows? And don't even get me started on the lack of CHOWDAH! I'm not even getting crackers, baby...

bananafana said...

i guess there will be obligatory "CHOWDAH" in our house since we have a babysitter . . . or I'll send hubby out and you can come over and escape your ASSHAT hubby (why do I love that word so much?)
I heard the contract was rejected this morning and something about workers voting - i'd have called you but my boss is eavesdropping today and I STILL CAN'T FIND MY CELL PHONE

Kristen said...

I have those days...and they suck. But know you have a sister who is suffering right along with you!
Still need to plan a girls weekend leave-kids-at-home-with-dad kind of weekend...