Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sometimes I just need a little change of SYNTAX

Hey, everyone! Sorry I was a blog slacker yesterday. I had a busy morning and a melancholy afternoon. And who wants to read a melancholy blog?

Blogging = therapy. Know what I mean? Sometimes I just need a little change of SYNTAX to get me going again. From reading all of your blogs, I think we may agree on that point. Most of my day is spent using nicey-nice kid-friendly words, and when I'm at my breaking point, it's nice to have a big girl group on here who not only completely understands when I say "MY HUSBAND IS SUCH AN ASSHAT/DICKSMACK/DAMN FOOL TODAY!", but can also laugh about it with me. Bonus: you don't presume me to be some sort of Midwestern trailer goddess (I hope).

Anyway, I've got some hausfrau shit to sling for a bit, but I'll be back this afternoon to entertain.


Tessie said...

Seriously, that is the awesome thing about having a blog. The way I write my blog IS the way I think, but I play Boring CPA by day, so you know that wads my undies pretty major by the end of the week.

"hausfrau shit to sling"-HAHA!

mom of the year said...

Tessie - you are too cool. Yeah, I think if I said everything going through my mind during the day, the courts would require that my jaw be wired shut until my daughter is away at college...