Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hausfrau in das haus?

Yes, I am back to make you smile/squirm. I hope everyone's day is going well. A special shout out to those of you having mediocre days, as I had one yesterday (well, afternoon anyway).

God I love Wednesday mornings! Little Diva and I began attending story time at the local Barnes & Noble a few months ago. We had the good fortune to meet up a fantastic mom/daughter pair whom has multiplied our midweek joy. For those newer moms out there looking for a great way to meet other moms without joining the dreaded playgroup (yech), I highly recommend story times, either at Borders or Barnes & Noble (you can find the times on the web). I really look forward to seeing S and E every week! I'm not a playgroup type and I'm not high maintenance enough to gel with the playground mommas at the park. "Literary slut" is more my style, so the bookstore gig has been great. And, hey - bookstores have cafes. And cafes mean tea and coffee. Coffee, books, and a cool mom friend does a great Wednesday morning make. Love and kisses to S and E from my virtual home here.

Yesterday afternoon was not quite so wonderful. Have you had one of those days where there is so much in your head and so little focus outside of it that you want to call the mental hospital? Yeah, that was my Wednesday afternoon. Moving on...

Today hubby decided that Little Diva should be allowed to ride her tricycle inside the house. Uh, what the hell? What happened to "that's an outside toy?" It may not have been so bad IF:
1) I had not previously said NO;
2) we had more than 600 square feet of living space on the first floor; and
3) she didn't keep riding into the pathway of the oven door whilst I was making lunch.
So that was fun.

I keep getting hit with sudden bursts of thought about things I should get done around the house today. The problem is my alter ego keeps making an appearance and telling the energy to "calm the hell down." Consequently, the shower curtain with a mildewy hem has not made it to the washer yet and the kitchen counter looks like Office Depot threw up on it. Oh, and there's an abstract painting on my kitchen floor done entirely in juice droplets and some stray dog hairs (my daughter is EXCELLENT with mixed media expression).

So, the hausfrau has now been to Starbucks and is ready to corral some dust bunnies (more on midwestern dust later). This post is mega boring so I need to go "work" to come up with more material for later. Until then, HANG IN THERE!


bananafana said...

tomorrow tell her she can ride the tricycle in your bedroom . . . while he's napping. there's plenty of room in there

Tessie said...

"literary slut"..Hee hee!

mom of the year said...

tessie: yeah, I like it. It's says, "I'm sexy yet educated." Work it in the self-help section, girl!