Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Second Round of Babysitting

So we had our second round of babysitting tonight. And for the record, the end result is playing out something like this:

stabbing pain in the left eye
head swim
floor tilting
wobbly legs

Yeah. Too much fun at the wineries and a biker bar. The sad thing is that I think I had less bottled fun tonight than on a light night out a few years ago. Am I old? Damn, I feel like it.

Happy Monday to all.

Also, a shout out to "Ballwin Dave" and Bone Daddy and the Blues Shakers. What a great night!


Kristen said...

One beer...I'm out. Definately better a few years ago...damn I'm old...

mom of the year said...

Somebody bring me a walker and some alka-seltzer. Oh my hell!

Kari Waterman said...

Light weight

mom of the year said...

Thanks, Waterman. I guess I have my work cut out for me if I want to survive the Eternal 29th Birthday Convention!

Vicki said...

your liver is just out of practice! :) I love your blog!