Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why HDTV ROCKS This Mama!

We have cheap cable. The kind that goes straight from the wall to the TV - no fancy boxes or any of that mess. So we don't receive the HD signal (but we will when the nation holds a gun to our skulls in 2009 and I HAVE to pay to upgrade). However, because we do have an HDTV now, we can stretch the cheap-guy's cable signal out to fit the HDTV format on our new TV. Which means that things get slightly wider. Including Victoria's Secret models. Just in time for the fashion show.

And thanks to my running and walking efforts to multiply the HDTV effect:


Imagine the possibilities...

And just so I can toot my own horn: I lost a dress size in 8 weeks of making changes only to my exercise program (i.e. channel surfing to interval training). Digging on Starbucks AND losing my ass is AWESOME!


Kristen said...

YEA!!! Congrats on the weight loss. And with HDTV on a non-HDTV screen, I now can look like a Victoria's Secret model!

Kari said...

Yeah!!! Good job Chica!

bananafana said...

HOORAY! i'm coming to watch your tv. tonight. get me out of my house

mom of the year said...

Kristen: Thanks! 14 pounds and counting (DOWN). Yeah for stone age HDTV!

Kari: Thank you, lady. You are my inspiration. REALLY!

Fana: Yes. Let's get you out of that place with the nice Christmas tree and bullshit!