Thursday, November 29, 2007


So I have this blog topic list that you all so wonderfully itemized for me. And for the last few days I've stared at it and want to write some more of it. But I'm getting bogged down. Why? GOOD QUESTION!

I think I'm suffering from what-if-it-doesn't-come-out-right syndrome. That's generally what happens the few days following the sending out of some submission work. I'm all freaked-out about me perhaps being some silly fool and that I won't say exactly what I mean. Because that's truly what happens when a TYPE A personality sets out with a goal. It never stops; the end result can always be better. At some point, it takes some of my peeps to say, "Will you just quit obsessing and FUCKING SEND IT OUT?!"

So last night, I did send out some work. And now I get to play the waiting for an answer/did they even get it game. In effort to spice things up around here, I will diverge from the topic list for a couple of posts and write stress-free.

ERICA: I will get to SAHMBO, I promise. It's one of my favorite topics, and I think more people should talk about it and HOW MUCH IT SUCKS ASS.

TESSIE: ENFP - this is a good example. Knowing that only 8-10% of the world's populations sees things the way I do only perpetuates my silliness. BUT I MUST WRITE ABOUT IT. It will be coming soon. As will the much-awaited birth story.

Everyone else: Thanks for not saying I'm bat shit crazy (even though you are all thinking it).

I'll be in touch!


Tessie said...

I almost never think that my posts come out saying what I wanted to say. I just post them anyway, though (not a fretter).

Look forward to these!

Anonymous said...


Let us know how the submissions go, ok?

bananafana said...

i would just send you an email but I'm lazy so i'm commenting to ask for a favor/adding to your list of things to post - can you put up the "screw you santa" picture from last year? I could use the laugh

Anonymous said...

Dude, what is your email address? I cannot find it ANYWHERE.

mom of the year said...

Fana: I'm working on finding it right now so I can upload it. Get ready!

Erica: Thanks to stupid cookie confusion, my gmail account won't load. RE TARD ED. I'll find a way to get us hooked up!