Wednesday, November 28, 2007

APB: Bloggers MIA

Where the hell is everyone? I found only a handful of new posts up today. Did some catastrophe happen and my family is the only one that survived? That's not good for repopulating, let me tell you! I'm lonely!!!


Tessie said...

Count me as one of the missing. Work. Sux. HELP.

bananafana said...

i'm back and i bitched much. hormones. SUX. HELP ME TOO

mom of the year said...

AH, yes. The end of the year crunch. Afraid I'm not much help there. Unless you two need me to design primer pairs to sequence some DNA. Accountant-type I am NOT!

Someone throw these ladies a bone, already!

Kristen said...

OK, so I posted to one of mine! Man, what was that about forcible blogging? :)
I like that you check, makes me feel like someone reads it.