Friday, February 1, 2008

8 Inches for Mama

What did you think this post was about??? Quit it, gutter sluts! Today's post is brought to you by rock salt and hot cocoa. For those of you who've left behind snow and are now living in non-snowy states, here are some pix of what you're missing. You're welcome to come over and play, but bring your own Bailey's for your coffee, as Mom of the Year will be polishing hers off today! Also - this should make for an interesting Mardi Gras tomorrow, yes????

Please note the snowboarding boots on hubs. Approximate number of times they have been used for snowboarding in the last 5 years? Zero. Why does he own them? They go with the snowboard propped up against our basement wall. I suppose at one time in his twenties, hubs made an attempt at being EXTREME. The only thing really extreme about him now is the EXTREME lack of hair on his pastey Irish head. So, Tessie, tell BR not to feel bad. HA HA HA!


Tessie said...

Well, unfortunately there is no stopping BR from feeling bad. I HAVE TRIED.

WAH and also YAY to the snow pictures!

Kari said...

Ahh...I want to come over and make snow angels and then have hot chocolate with Baileys! :( Looks fun!

Artemisia said...

Ha ha! I LOVE the title of this post.

Have a fun time in the snow!