Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Eternal 29th Birthday Convention Part I

How was my weekend in San Diego, you ask? Well, MAMA'S STILL GOT IT, BITCHES! Oh how I love to be a wing woman! The Eternal 29th Birthday Celebration (aka the meeting of The Dirty Thirties) began with a few pitchers of Sangria, which is a pretty good indicator of the modus operandi for the entire weekend.

Exhibit A: friend Kiwi kicking it off in Irvine.
Exhibit B: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner DAY ONE in Lake Forest.

Exhibit C: Lunch DAY TWO at The Spot in La Jolla.

Exhibit D: Dinner DAY TWO. Are you seeing a pattern???
Exhibit E: Uh, yeah. DON'T WE ALL????????

Exhibit F: Yours truly having polished off the first of, well, just a few, car bombs. YUMMY! Please note the unruly hair and crazed eyes. I guess I won't be using this shot in the old blogger profile!!!

For all you animal lovers, we took a break from the bacchanalia and saw some seals and shit, too.

I'll have some killer thoughts on the weekend with more pix later. Just couldn't wait to put something up here and say HI!!!


Erin said...

howdy! I saw your comment on Tessie's blog and clicked over. I'm from the Lou too. I am drooling over your weekend. Looks AWESOME. When I go away for the weekend now, I take one or more children with me and fall asleep after one beer. HELP! I'M TURNING INTO MY MOTHER!

Saly said...


mom of the year said...

Erin: YAY! Another one from The Lou? That's craziness! I'm so glad you stopped by! OK, we're BFF now, right?! I totally understand the one beer thing. I haven't had a weekend like this in YEARS, and now I'm convinced I must do it more often! Are you up for it???

Saly: I SO thought of you this weekend as we rolled around the OC in the Audi with the Jay-Z and Akon in full effect. I'll save you a spot in next year's soirre, right???

Tessie said...

Argg, you are SO CUTE! Also, I KNEW which one was you right away! I DID! LD looks like you, or so it appears from this angle.

mom of the year said...

Tessie: Girl, stop it! *blush* Thanks for thinking I'm cute! Can I buy you a drink?

I've been getting a lot of the LD look-alike comments lately, which is really funny since I've always sworn she was a little hubs.

Erin said...

MOTY- Totally up for it! But $hit. What if I'm not as cool as you? What if you don't like me? What if we wear the same shirt? AHH! The pressure!

Kristen said...

I hope you had so much fun!!!! I am so jealous. And, you look fabulous, by the way.