Thursday, February 14, 2008

What A Girl Wants

OK, so I probably have not been gut-busting thrilled about Valentine's Day since my junior year of high school as I anticipated what my boyfriend of the semester would manage to get me that would absolutely blow my mind. But today, girls, I have been truly surprised.

There was a huge red box hanging out in the kitchen this morning. Hubs finally gave it to me after lunch, mumbling something about how no, it wasn't jewelry but it was something I've always wanted. So I immediately ruled out the piece of bling from Tiffany's over which I continually drool and opened the box. And here is what I got:

For those of you arriving late on the set, Tessie had posted around the holidays about gifts, and what we did or didn't get as kids. I asked for that damn thing for YEARS to no avail. I figured Santa was either a complete idiot or loved my friends more than me, since everyone in the free fucking world had this thing.

But hubs has pulled through, and my childhood is now complete. Thank you, honey. We'll make margaritas with it later, yeah?

What did I get him? A gift card to Hustler Hollywood. Like you would, no doubt, expect from some girl like me.

Yes, he will be away at work tonight. But don't worry about me. He included a four pack of double A batteries in the large red box as well. Heh heh heh. Damn. Snoopy Sno-Cones and DW? In the same day?! This is the best V-Day EVAH. YEAH, BABY!!!
Happy V-Day, bitches!


LoriD said...

Awesome gift. So cool. It reminds me of the scene in The Santa Clause where Santa finally gives the grown-ups the things they always wanted as children. Good husband you have there!

Tessie said...

Fricking SWEET! I am so pumped! Let us know how it works.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to make them and sell them outside for $.25? Cuz that's totally what I'd do.

mom of the year said...

Lorid: Yeah, I'll keep him, I suppose. He's pretty good at surprising me that way.

Tessie: Totally rocks! LD and I made grape sno-cones all afternoon. I'll warn you - I don't need to lift weights today. It's like Total Gym for the upper body.

Erica: I will if you'll come up and buy one so we can go get our tatoos...

mom of the year said...

Tessie: Also - "fricking"? WTF? Have you gone soft on me?!