Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Postcards from the Edge

Hey, everyone! Well, I did it - I'm at the beach with the entire clan. I must admit that things have gone really well thus far. I was going to upload some pix, but I forgot to bring the USB cable for the cam, so you'll have to wait until I get back to check out my vacation, nosey bitches.

Before I made the decision to hop on the vacation train, I had a short but intense conversation with my parents. Well, actually, that's kind of sugar-coating it. I basically sat them down and read them the pre-riot act, letting them know that at the first sign of them all up in my shit or whining about things they have no right to discuss, my ass would be back on a plane to St. Louis. After all, I'm thirty for chrissake; support my decisions or get off of the fucking bus.
There have been a couple of close calls, but I've stepped right up and told them to kindly shut the hell up (in nicer words USUALLY), and they've respected that. So, in short, it's all good.

Take home message for all of you with familial troubles: stop the hand wringing. Make your own decisions and give them two choices - support you or get the hell out. If they truly love you, they'll choose the former. PERIOD.

We're all laughing, drinking, and generally enjoying the wicked coolness of all things beach-like. I've managed to get in some running around the area, which I think does definitely put me in the "made lifestyle change" category. Speaking of that, my one year anniversary of running is next month!

Anyway, LD wants to hit the beach. Gotta go sunscreen up, pack up my books and journal (my sis just remarked that I look like a librarian right now with the glasses and all), and hit the sand.


Tessie said...

Good for you for forcing your parents to treat you like an adult. It's baby steps to becoming a grown-up, eh? SOMEDAY. I WILL BE ONE. Hee.

Glad you're having fun! Enjoy the beach for me too!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Hope you enjoy your vacation and especially the start of the life you've always wanted!

mom of the year said...

Tessie: Solidarity, yo. For reals. I'll build a sandcastle and have 8 too many drinks for you...

Jenny: Thanks, girl. I appreciate that. Truly I do...