Friday, July 25, 2008

Fat Girl Slim

OK. I'll probably get a shit-ton of hatemail from the politically correct set, but fuck that. Momma's feelin' great today. Girls, it's been just under one year, and here are the stats:

* 40 pounds down
* approx 450 miles run
* currently averaging a 12 minute mile
* running 5K a day
* signing up for the Nike Human Race 10K on 8/31/08
* sassiness restored
* spirit renewed
* running for the y'chi, baby

And since I'm feeling extra sassy and Tessie got me started with the quotes, here's mine:

"What do you know about game? I got ALL the game."

If I can get up the guts, maybe you'd like to see some then/now pix. But you'll have to comment/e-mail me and beg, because it's a pretty difficult thing for me to look at myself in those before pix.

Got to go hit another 5. Peace, y'all.


artemisia said...

Oh, this is AWESOME!! Congrats on all your hard work and new habits.

I hope to post my own list in a few months... thanks for the encouragement!

Tessie said...

Like the new look! Both YOU and the blog!


Erica said...

You fucking rock! I'm so inspired by you, little mama!

mom of the year said...

Art: Thanks! I can't wait to see your list. GO, BABY, GO!

Tessie: Yeah, we all need a change every so often, yeah? I'm going thru the pix. And it's totally making me cry. We'll get there...

Erica: WOMAN! How ARE you?! Thank you so much for coming by. Hope you know how proud I am of you, too. HANG IN THERE!!!