Friday, December 14, 2007

Giving to Everyone Who's Ever Done Anything For You

On the heels of bananafana and tessie, I've looked up all the guidelines for the 80 bajillion service people in my life. I don't have to worry about the daycare thing, but for your amusement, here are the guidelines per Emily Post:

Every situation is different, so let common sense, specific circumstances, and holiday spirit be your guides. The tip amounts in this chart are merely guidelines. What to give is always an individual decision.
Au pair
A gift from your family (or one-week’s pay), plus a small gift from your child

Babysitter, regular
One evening’s pay, plus a small gift from your child

Cost of one haircut or a gift

Beauty salon staff
The cost of one salon visit, split among the staff

Child’s teacher
Check your school’s policy first, as gift giving may be prohibited. If allowed, then give a gift that is a token of appreciation from your child, not cash. Possibilities: a homemade gift made by your child, a book or a picture frame. Or, consider participating in a joint gift from the class as a whole. Possibilities: a gift certificate to a restaurant or bookstore.

Day care providers
$25 to $70 each, plus a small gift from your child for the providers who give direct care to your child(ren)

Dog walker
One week’s pay or a gift
Fitness trainer, personal
Up to the cost of one session

Garage attendants
$10 to $30 each

Home health employees
A gift, but check with the agency first, as most agencies have a no gifts or no tips policy. If this is the case, consider giving a donation to the agency.

Up to one week’s pay or a gift

Letter carriers
U.S. government regulations permit carriers to accept gifts worth up to $20 per occasion, not cash

Live-in help (Nanny, Housekeeper, Cook, Butler)
One week’s to one month’s salary based on tenure and customs in your area, plus a personal gift

Massage therapist
Up to one session’s fee or a gift

Newspaper deliverer
$10 to $30

Nurse, private
A gift, not cash

Nursing home employees
A gift, not cash, but check the company policy first. Consider giving a gift that could be enjoyed by or shared among the floor staff: flowers, chocolates or food items.

Package deliverer
A small gift if you receive deliveries regularly; most delivery companies discourage or prohibit cash gifts

Personal caregiver
Up to one week’s salary or a small gift

Pet Groomer
If the same person grooms your pet all year, up to one session’s fee or a gift

Pool cleaner
Cost of one cleaning, to be split among crew


Tessie said...

I get stuck on the "plus a small gift from your child". I mean, what is the traditional gift from a 17-month-old? Fingerpainting? Headbutt?

And are we seriously supposed to gift our POOL GUY?

mom of the year said...

The kid gift this year will be an ornament with some sort of meaning (the Christmas Nail, the Christmas pickle, etc). But we have the luxury of knowing the religious background of such people. After all, they do only see her four hours a week, but I do appreciate them enough to give them more than say, a booger collage.

Yeah, the fucking pool guy. Since our pool is the neighborhood association pool, I suppose we're off the hook on that one!

Although, there are several positions I omitted from the post, most dealing with property supervisors and maintenance people. Since I live in a townhome community, I get to do something for them too. I'm thinking poinsettias. Oi!

LoriD said...

Emily Post is clearly has a lot more disposable income than I do.

I clean my own pool, hardly ever get a haircut and never get a massage.

I'm all for pushing for no gift policies.(not really, but it would be easier!)

As for the gift from the 17 month old - do not give a picture frame with a picture of your kid in it, because I've seen people do that and it's a little weird. :-)

mom of the year said...

lorid: Yeah, Emily Post can kiss my patootie. I'd kill to have the money to have a massage therapist, let alone one I should tip. Tessie has a pool guy, so I won't go there. HA HA HA!!!

I'm with you on the kid picture. Of course, the exception is the grandparents. They're suckers for that shit.